Max Muller

Harold Readinger

Brenda Moyer

Judy Marisseau

John Noll

Mike Pullen

Janet Weidner

David Freyberger

Karen McQuaid

Ken Starr

Rev. Knox's mother

Ukraine Crisis

PRAYER LIST- February 2023

New Requests

David Fryberger-Diabetes, having Biopsy, pray for good results.

Keith and Mary Ellen-Guldner --Family-continue praying for the family.

Linda Hill- Fell broke Elbow, had surgery, in therapy, pray for complete healing. Judy Marisseau - Having Catheterization, pray for good results.

Karen Mcquaid- Audrey Boones, daughter- home doing good.

Brenda Moyer- Had liver transplant, doing better, continue prayers.

Sam Petsch – Doing better, continued prayer for complete healing.

Karen StLorentz- Leg Surgery, diabetes! Pray for healing

David Dotterrer- serious cancer problems.

Diane Fox – Mobility issues, she is home and doing better. continued prayers.

Robin Gonzalez – finished radiation. No Cancer-will have routine check-ups. Pray for healing.

Jim Kerper - Heart issues, had second heart surgery, pray for healing .

Brian Mehle – cancer is back. Pray for healing.

Joan Miller – Home with medical issues, pray for healing and comfort.

Kim- friend of Carol Christman. Had shoulder surgery, when healed Lumpectomy for breast cancer. Please pray for surgeries to go well and healing.

Schaffer family- son Chris 25 lost his life in car accident, please pray for his family and the other person with him.

Angelina Wray-15 year old with Leukemia. Has passed. Pray for family.

Kathy Folk-Partial foot amputation, please pray for healing.

Long Term Requests

Dave Campbell - heart & kidney issues.

Ronald Christman - dementia getting worse. Pray for him & Carol as she cares for him.

Fred Cutler – has melanoma & heart issues preventing chemo, getting radiation. Pray they can solve the issues and start chemo.

Shirley Dautrich – in nursing home, doing better.

Cindy Fliegel - diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. Receiving home therapy. Pray if helps.

Max Muller – has Leukemia. Doing better. Pray for strength & healing. Also for Betty as she helps him.

Dottie Hinnershitz – pray for general health concerns.

Ronnie Ludwig –Various Medical issues, continue prayers!

Mike Pullen – doing better.

Harold Readinger- general health concerns.

Jan Bertolet – Doing better. Pray for continued healing.

Cindy Boyer – cancer, back on Chemo.

Millie Berg – breast cancer. Pray for healing.

Tony Brooks – congenital spinal defect.

Sandra & Richard Brown– dealing with the loss of her daughter. Also seeing cardiologist with heart issues. Please pay for them.

Jim Fick – home still on dialysis- not doing well.

Gloria Kotzer – in nursing home with dementia.

Jarad McNeely – had cancer removed. Pray for continued healing.

Mary Minnich – doing better, still needs prayer

David Molltini- serious cancer problems, had stem cell replacement , went well pray for continued healing.

Helen Noll – dementia. In a nursing home.

Axl Rivera - has reactive airway disease, pray for healing.

Pastor Roshan – pray for the family and church.

Ryan & Jordan - baby Henry is home, he will be having future surgeries to deal with some issues. Pray for continued healing and proper growth.

Warren Schaeffer – Parkinson’s disease

Lucy Yoey – 4 yr. old with leukemia, is in remission but still on chemo. Pray for restored health.

Ken Starr-Pray for Pastor’s son, seizures, and faith issues.

David & Linda Flamm – Pray for our missionary family.

Pastor Vaughn Starr & his family