Zion’s (Spies) Evangelical Reformed Church


I cannot begin to put into words the humbling feeling that comes with the responsibility of

shepherding the flock of Christ. Lisa and I have felt so welcomed here at Zion Spies Church as I

have begun to transition into my role as Pastor. I want to take this opportunity to thank you as

a church family for that welcome.

Transitions frequently come with periods that stretch our comfort. I am feeling that stretch and

I am sure many of you are as well. I’m sure that Pastor Marisseau and Judy will remain in your

hearts as they transition into retirement. As Lisa and I begin to pastor the Spies family we hope

to get to know you and love you. Just getting to know you each by name is still challenging – so

we know this will be a process. I want you to know that I am committed to you one and all – to

pastor you, pray for you, listen and counsel you, to visit with you and commune together. In

short, I am committed to loving this church family.

Transitions bring change as they must. So, I want you to know in advance that I have the utmost

respect and admiration for the traditions that you value. If this ever seems not to be the case,

please do me the favor of telling me so directly. At the same time, I am tasked with reaching

out to a new generation of believers. Please extend me grace as I fulfill this calling.

In His Service,

Pastor Vaughn and Lisa


[email protected]gmail.com


November 5, 2022 @ 7 A.M.

Breakfast, Cookies, Baked Goods &

Multiple vendor tables


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6th – 10:30 A.M.

Let us observe and pay tribute together on this day to all who have passed away during this year.


Next meeting, November 12th at 8 A.M.


Also we will have a WELCOME LUNCHEON for Pastor Vaughn and his family following the service. Women’s Ministries will be serving Hamburger BBQ and soup and cake for dessert.

Please join us as we welcome Pastor Vaughn and his family to our church family.

MATINEE- Sat., Nov. 19th @ 1:00 p.m.

Please join us in the social hall for a viewing of “QUEEN ESTHER”- Sight/Sound DVD

Light snack provided



The women of the church will participate in our morning worship. Thank offerings received on that day will be used to assist our members or neighbors in need. Your yearly box of envelopes contains the envelope for your Thankoffering.


Thanksgiving Eve Service will be held on Wednesday, November 23rd, at 7:30 P.M. at Zion Spies Lutheran Church. Please plan on attending this spirit-filled service showing our thanks to God.

ADVENT Begins November 27th

With Holy Communion


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 6th – 10:30 A.M.

Let us observe and pay tribute together on this day to all who have passed away during

this past year.

  Henry Aulenbach November 9, 2021

*Jean Manwiller November 16, 2021

Stephen Nagle December 16, 2021

Kimber Pyle December 17, 2021

John Robertson December 22, 2021

Leonard Simmons December 24, 2021

Marla DeTurck Prater December 28, 2021

Robert Pyle January 2, 2022 

*Agnes Noll January 9, 2022

Elwood Shaffer January 12, 2022

Sara Manwiller Dengler January 17, 2022

Debbie Deturck February 12, 2022

*Shirley Shuman February 18, 2022

Arthur Fick February 25, 2022

Hope Seidel March 3, 2022 

*Edward Loughery March 11, 2022

Roy Heffner April 23, 2022 

*Richard Caplinger Jr. May 24, 2022

Shirley Frick June 6, 2022

*Linda Petersheim June 25, 2022

Robert Zajdowicz July 21, 2022

Ethel Readinger August 28, 2022

Molly Lutz September 3, 2022

*Cathryn Weyandt October 4, 2022


November 9th, @ 8 A.M. @ Chatty’s

November 29th, @ 8 A.M. @ Breakfast Hut


November 2nd – @ Grace ( Spies Lutheran)

November 9th – @ Zion’s Spies E.R.

November 16th – @ BYE

November 22nd – @ Zion’s Spies E.R.

November 30th – @ Zion Spies Lutheran

Anyone interested in throwing can call

Kenny Manwiller at 610-944-0729.


This year we will not do gifts for the Angel Tree but instead will take monetary donations which we will give to the Salvation Army

in November for them to go and purchase the gifts. Please hand money in by Nov. 20th

to Sue Barnett.


The various charities are starting to send out their 2023 calendars. If you do not want them please bring them to the church and give them to Linda Wilson. She will pass them on to the soup kitchen.




Card shower lists for members of our congregation 80 yrs. of age and over provided by Evangelism Outreach, the list is available on our church website www.zionspieser.com or the side table in the Narthex.

Help us honor these special folks.

JUST A REMINDER! Please remember to notify the church office regarding anyone in the hospital or of any transfers from hospitals to home or to any other facility. It becomes difficult sometimes to keep up with everyone’s moves which results in extra traveling.

Thanks so much.




We will be looking for small bags of chips, pretzels, tastycakes, fresh fruit, small plastic containers of fruit or applesauce, or puddings (ones that don’t need a can opener). Sign –ups on the table in the Narthex if you wish to contribute personal care items or lunch items or call the church office during the week. It can be dropped off on Sundays in the Narthex or given to Sue during the week when Sue is in the office.

Mon. –Thurs. 9am-2pm

Items due Nov. 13th

They are no longer taking clothes, blankets or sleeping bags. Donations they do need are hand soap, wipes, toilet paper, and paper towels. Envelopes available on top of the mailboxes if you would like to make a monetary donation. Our thanks to all that support this mission. Because God gives us all we need, we should give to those in need.


We have met and discussed expenses for the upcoming year. We have the final figures ready for the 2023 budget.

We will be presenting the 2023 budget to the congregation for discussion and approval on December 11, 2022 @ 11:30 A.M.

Stewardship Sunday November [email protected]:30 A.M


Thank you to all who contributed food for Harvest Home. All food was taken to The Hope Rescue Mission Pantry. Remember we accept non-perishable food items all year; they can be placed in the cabinet in the Narthex.

Advent Season starts on November 27th.

We will only be putting in RED poinsettias this year. Order form is included in this newsletter or may be found on the table in the Narthex.

Don’t forget our Homeless Veterans Mission. Lunches and Care Packages for mid- November, items due Nov. 13th

Next meeting Nov. 14th @ 7:00 P.M.


   As we continue in the Fall season, our group of Women’s Ministries have a lot of things we will be busy with this month. The luncheon we had for our retiring pastor and Judy was very successful and seemed to be enjoyed by all. Now we move forward planning another luncheon on November 13th after the church service to welcome our new Pastor Vaughn Starr and his family.
         Our annual bazaar/breakfast/cookie sale will be held on Saturday, November 5th from 7AM until noon. It will begin with an all you can eat breakfast buffet from 7AM to 11AM made by our Men’s Ministries. The cost is $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children. Stop by and have some of this delicious food! We will be selling the different varieties of cookies. These wonderful treats are all homemade by the Women’s Ministries and will be sold for $10.00 per pound. Other delicious treats will also be available for sale. We also would appreciate any baked goods that you would care to donate for our bake sale. These baked goods may be dropped off, in the fellowship hall, on Friday November 4th, between 5 PM and 7 PM or Saturday morning.

            Several of our church family members will be offering crafts for sale. There will also be a donation table with assorted books and cards, any donations can be given to Linda Wilson.

It seems like there is a little something for everyone so we sure hope you all stop by!

To make your holiday cooking easier we are taking orders for potato filling and pepper cabbage. We will make the potato filling and pepper cabbage using the recipes from the Ham Supper. Everything will be ready for pick up at the church, on the Monday before Thanksgiving (11/21), between the hours of 1:00PM and 5:00PM. Order forms are included in this newsletter and may be given to Sue Barnett.  Order deadline November 13th.  We hope that you will keep these things in mind and let us make your Thanksgiving dinner easier for you.

            As always, we invite all the women of the church to join us, as we meet, on the second Tuesday of every month at 11:00 A.M.

It is our goal to always keep God at the center of our “busyness” Next Mtg. Nov. 8th


We have another check coming soon.

Our church gets 1% of the total of your register receipts. You must have a SAVE A TAPE card which you can get at your store’s courtesy desk. Thank you for your continued support.

Customer must use their 1% Save-A-Tape card for purchase. This will be noted on the bottom of the receipt. Please submit the receipt in the wooden box on top of the food cupboard in the church narthex. Please do not use a highlighter marker on your receipts, it can erase the totals. All receipts must say Save-A Tape Total Fuel purchases are not considered. Thank you.


We will be doing Poinsettias this year for the Christmas season. We will only be doing one color -RED. $9.25/plant. Order forms are available on the table in the Narthex or in your November newsletter. See or call Sue Barnett with any questions 610-779-9787

Orders due Dec. 4th


You won't want to miss the Christmas Cantata this year on Sunday December 11th at 10:30:

The First Noel

Dear Savior, thank You for coming to earth so long ago.  Thank You for the humble way You arrived and the news that was given that night.  You are the center of everything we need, everything we know, everything that life is about.


Please see Jeff Griffin, if you would like to share your musical talent at the upcoming Sunday Services or Christmas Eve Service.


Coming up on December 11th after the 10:30am service to approve the budget for 2023.


If anyone is interested in researching their family genealogy, contact Mary Swartz for help and direction. 610-721-4448

THANKFUL by Cheryll MayberrySmith

Thankful for eyes that behold God's creation.
Thankful for the gift of my salvation.
Grateful for legs, and arms and hands
That comprise this human body so grand.
I appreciate food placed upon my table.
And a lasting marriage that's blessed and stable.
Delighted with family and friends so dear.
For their prayers, support and love sincere.
Thankful for the Bible and a mind to comprehend,
God's perfect plan from beginning to end.
Thankful for answered prayers and God's direction.
For happiness, wisdom and His protection.
For healing and comfort from life's frequent grief.
Or blue summer skies and fall's golden leaf.
For babies that smile and birds on the wing.
Thankful for every marvelous thing.
Yet of all that I may treasure and adore,
'Tis Jesus Christ I am most thankful for!


We thank Thee for the pioneers,

The heritage they gave,

The courage of their gallant hearts,

Undaunted by the grave.

We thank Thee for the land they left

In trust, a vast array;

For priceless freedoms that we take

For granted every day.

O Lord, whose dwelling transcends space,

We thank Thee; let there be

A prayer of praise from every heart

That prizes liberty.

- Unknown


 Monthly prayer lists are located on the side table in the Narthex. If you have requests for the list, you can fill out a prayer request form which will be on the table in the Narthex and give the information to Jessica Houck 610-823-0183.If you have any questions about this list or our  prayer chain you can see Jessica Houck or Bob Hallman. New lists will be available the Sunday following our monthly prayer meetings.

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